The idea for Choreosound 09 began with an urge to challenge and develop my own working methods for composition, the relationship between contemporary dance and music, and the collaboration between choreographers and composers. It all ended up with a great lab where I had the opportunity to invite amazing colleagues from all over the world.

The focus for the lab was on the process and the working methods. Not the product. The lab generated a lot of discussions, opinions and experiences. No definitive answers, but definite starting points for a continuous exploration. The lab also resulted in a great network of people interested in the theme.

We gathered around five core issues:

  • What relation do dance and music have towards each other in a performance?
  • Which working methods and collaboration processes are used when a choreographer and composer collaborate? Is it possible to name them and describe them?
  • Are there certain elements in music that choreographers and dancers choose to work with?
    Likewise, are there certain elements in dance that composers and musicians choose to work with?
  • It seems to be a general opinion among composers, that there are less collaborations music – dance today, compared with 10 – 15 years ago. What are the reasons?
  • What happens in the collaborations of contemporary dance and contemporary music today? Are there any trends?

Check out this site to explore how we worked with these issues, and the reflections it generated.

Thank you to all the individuals, organizations and supporters who made this possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas or questions.

If you cite any material, don’t forget to state the author’s name, the original title and to include a reference to this website.

Marika Hedemyr, choreographer and Artistic Director of Choreosound 09