Alice Martucci (DK)

Alice moved from Italy to Denmark in 1980 to attempt the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance. She has worked as a dancer for choreographers like Klara Elenius, Søren Sundby, Gabriella Grundemar and Pernille Garde.

Alice finds it important to challenge herself and to confront new techniques and teachers. She has participated in Impuls Tanz in Vienna and Spacing Out in Vilnius in 2006. Here Alice met Marika Hedemyr and they started talking about the relationship between dance and music. Together they went to London to study with the composer Matteo Fargion. This made a deep impact on how she regards her work and listens to music.

Currently Alice is working with her own dance/performance project in Copenhagen wich will involve a coallabortaion with artists from other expressive artforms like installation, scenography and music.

It is a fantastic opportunity of enrichment and inspiration to participate in Choreosound 09, to be part of a unique process of dicussion and research on a matter that is of current interest and appeals to my personal reflections on dance right now.