Amanda Cole (AU)

Amanda is a Sydney, Australia, based composer and sound designer, who writes micro tonal instrumental and electronic music. She has a BMus (Honours Class 1) and PhD in composition from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Amanda creates micro tonal audio-visual installations with Max/MSP and uses Csound to compose micro tonal music.

Amanda is currently working as Composition Lecturer at the Australian Institute of Music and as Composition Tutor at Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

She has written four percussion trios for a purpose built Micro tonal Glass Harmonica, a micro tonal string quartet for string harmonics and sine tones and has made an audio-visual installation that maps pitch to hue. In 2008, Amanda collaborated with artists Jo Cuzzi and Patsy Black to create “The Elastic Band”, and interactive sound installation which was exhibited at Firstdraft Gallery in Sydney, Australia in June.

Her most recentmicrotonald compositions are “Tetrachrome”, a micro tonal saxophone quartet performed by Nexas Quartet at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in August.

As part of the International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) Congress going on in Gothenburg just after Choreosound 09 ”Vibraphone Theories”, for vibraphone and sine tones, will be performed on 3 october at 15am by percussion ensemble Kroumata at Artisten.