Ari Kauppila (FI)

Ari started training dance in 1987 and began professional studies in 1998 at the Theatre Academy of Finland, from where he has a BA degree in dance but still is trying to get the MA degree in choreography. He married in February 2009 and is still married, doesn’t have any children of his own (that he knows of) and he is keeping his hair very short.

Ari is, since 1998, especially interested in the collaboration between dancers and musicians. As a choreographer and director he has always been more interested in working with composers and live music than with recorded music. These ideas were strongly present when founding his Indictus Company in 1998. 

He has made several collaborative stage works with different composers and has performed as a dancer, actor and musician. In addition to a great interest in contemporary dance and theatre, Ari has done a lot of work with rhythm and floor percussion (tap dance) as a performer, teacher and a choreographer. He is always extremely interested in sharing ideas and making new contacts but especially in a workshop around this theme.

—I am sorry about the picture. The photographer had some troubles to fit me in. But I guess you’ll see the rest of me at the workshop anyway.