If you put ten dancers, ten musicians, five choreographers and five composers from just about every corner of the globe in a room together, something interesting is bound to happen. 30 bodies, 30 minds and at least a thousand different ways of collaborating – anything is possible. Welcome to Choreosound 09.
Linda Isaksson
Driving forces and trigger points, from idea to realization
Marika Hedemyr
Reflections from one of the mentors
Paul Bothén
Reflections on managing an international artistic project
Anna Tarschys
Lecture Script from Roos’ Master Class
Cecilia Roos
Issues to consider when making music for stage performances.
Niklas Rydén
Choreographer shares working methods and lab experiments
Stephanie Schober
Different worlds working together
Kiriakos Spyrou
Perspectives on collaboration and the importance of time for reflection
Sara Ruddock
Erasing borders between concerts and dance performances
Kirstine Kyhl Andersen
Issues and questions to explore
Marika Hedemyr
Listen to the World! and the co-producers’ perspective
Anne-Charlotte Horgby