Birkir Gislason (IS)

Birkir is from Iceland. He graduated with honours in spring 2006 as a guitarist and music teacher from FIH Music School in Reykjavik.  Birkir has worked with Iceland’s finest musicians, both in the field of Rock and Jazz Music.

In 2005 he was one of the composers for the soundtrack of the Estonian dance short film Another. It won Grand Prize 2006 Cinessone European Film Festival, France and Best Dancefilm 2005 Arte Television.

Birkir released his first soloalbum called Single Drop, in May 2007 receiving rave reviews.
In July 2007 Birkir moved to London. Since arriving in the UK Birkir has performed at BBC Broadcasting House and BBC Television Centre. Also played on Glastonbury Festival 2008. Birkir worked as a session guitarist for Universal Music in London played one album with artist Nina Wall.

In September 2008 Birkir was in San Francisco California to record the album Human Oddities with Ingi, Birkir played the guitar and co wrote the album. They worked with producer Scott Mathews in his studio Tiki Town. Scott Mathews has worked with a lot of well known rock and pop acts like David Bowie, Brian Wilson, Neil Young etc
The Album Human Oddities was released in Iceland in November 2008. 

—I really like this Idea to have artists from different countries  come together and combine music and dance. Put everybody out of there comfort zone and let them experience new things with people you’ve just met. That’s what makes it very exciting.