Joel Brindefalk (SE)

Joel has been a Swedish composer and artist since the early 90´s. He is currently based in Gothenburg where he recently has been studying composition (specially designed program) at the Academy of Music and Drama at the Gothenburg University. Joel graduated (BA) earlier this year. He is starting his MA in fine arts this fall at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg.

Joels studies are focused on digital art and media, with a special interest in interactivity tools. He is artistically rooted in the Swedish electro acoustic music scene as well as in the early electronic scene. He has been involved in projects spanning a wide spectra from sound art and electronica to free improvisation. Today he is mainly working within the field of generative music, sound art installations and sound design. Joel has a big interest in composing for dance performances.

His improvisational live solo performances are within various synthesis software environments where he investigates the sonic realms that sound synthesis and realtime spectral modification of randomly generated sound present.

He wants his music to convey the characteristics of an artistical form where a striking lack of structured content sets the standard.

Joel describes his music as a non-figurative, non-narrative, flow of organic sound mirroring the vivid randomness of life, death and nature itself.

—I am happy to participate in Choreosound, see you all there!