Kirstine Kyhl Andersen (DK)

Kirstine finished her studies with a BA in choreography and new dance at SNDO (School For New Dance Development) in Amsterdam, 2004.

That same year she founded the band/company [WEGO] in collaboration with composer Niels Bjerg, which today counts four dancers and four musicians from five different countries.

Kirstine and Niels’ collaboration focuses on how to integrate a live concert with a dance performance and vice versa, and how movement and the musical score can work together in detail. Their common aim is to be able to present performances both in theatre and music venues, in the hope of bringing together new and broader audiences.

During the last year [WEGO] has been supported by the Danish Arts Council, which has led to the production of the performance “Completely Simultaneously” as well as making it possible for the group to teach their working methods to youths around Denmark, prior to presentations of the performance.

Kirstine also works as a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographic advisor, and recently received a working grant from the Danish Arts Council for 2009.

Since her graduation in 2004 her base has been in Copenhagen and since then her work has toured extensively in Denmark and abroad in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, and Canada.

In 2005 Kirstine and Niels won the choreographic competition Dansolution in Copenhagen with the performance: [MEGO] an assisted solo#2, and their collaboration amounts to eight productions in total.

Future work:
A new collaboration with the Montreal based company Danse Cité with production and premiere in Canada is scheduled for 2010, as well as the production of a new performance with the band/company [WEGO].