Niels Bjerg (DK)

Niels is educated as a jazz guitarist with a bachelor from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2002) and a master from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2004).

During his studies he started focusing increasingly on composing and in 2001 he was chosen as “young talent” to perform four of his own compositions at a grand radio show with Fritz Landesbergen and Rita Reys.

He soon began composing and performing in the Dutch theatre world where he worked with amongst others the director Paul Koek and composer Florentijn Boddendijk.

In 2004 Niels Bjerg and choreographer/dancer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen formed the band/dance company [WEGO] with three dancers and four musicians as a collaborative end exam from the Conservatory and The School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. The performance “A Performance in Concert” soon became popular and performed that year in various venues in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

During 2005 – 2006 the Amsterdam based Paradiso/Melkweg Productiehuis produced two new performances with [WEGO] which toured in both Holland and Denmark.

In 2005 Niels and Kirstine moved back to Denmark and that year their duet [MEGO] an assisted solo#2 won the chorographic competition Dansolution. The same year Niels released the album Visse Vasse in duet with the Italian guitarist Filippo Castellazzi.

Together Kirstine and Niels has created eight performances and their work has been presented in Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Canada and Czech Republic.

[WEGO] has developed into one of the most touring Danish companies with 26 performances and 14 workshops last season in Denmark alone. In the spring 2010 Niels and Kirstine will create a new piece for four horn players and four dancers from Montreal in collaboration with the company Danse Cité, and the next [WEGO] production is planned for the fall 2010.

Niels lives in Copenhagen where he plays with various musicians amongst others Qarin Wikström, Claus Kaarsgaard and Eske Nørrelykke and accompanies modern dance training.