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lisa fahlen 150x187

Lisa Fahlén (SE)


Lisa finished her dance training at School of New Dance in Oslo in spring 2008. She trained at the Eurhythmics and Music Pedagogic Education at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg (2002-2006), contemporary dance pedagogy at the University College of Dance in Stockholm (2006) and classical piano at Birka Adult Education College in Östersund (1998-2000).

Lisa lives in Gothenburg and works as a freelance dancer with contemporary dance and dance improvisation. She has done several dance projects focusing on the interaction of sound, rhythm and movement. She collaborates with the composer and lap-top musician Axel Rudebeck. Their first piece “PLÅT – a dance concert” was performed in 2008. Sound and movement were created in the meeting between steel, body and electronics in a both visual and auditiv composition. Since 2007 Lisa is a member of the dance company New Fashion Rockers which is based in Oslo. She also teaches dance improvisation.

Lisa wants to participate in Choreosound09 because her main interest as a dancer is the interaction of music and dance. She is looking forward to meet different kinds of perspectives and methods to work with composition.

karin hedin 150x187 Karin Hedin (SE)

Karin is trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and has since 2001 worked mainly with some of Sweden's main dance companies as well as a freelance dancer in Sweden and abroad. Her professional experience comes from very different styles and dancing techniques. They include classical ballet (with pointwork), release technique, contact improvisation, street dance and Forsythe improvisation. She has worked with choreographers like Helena Franzén, Fredrik Rydman, Hofesh Shechter, Susanna Leinonen, Ivo Cramér, Mireille Leblanc, Jorma Uotinen and Ohad Naharin.

Coming from a family of musicians, music has always been important to her. Music can often give the very reason to move, and not only being there just for creating an atmosphere. Choreosound 09 interested her because it would be a great opportunity to share her experiences dancing to varying types of music, to listen to how others perceive the relationship between music and dance, and putting these thoughts into practice. Karin is looking forward to a week full of discussions and investigations, and it will be exciting to meet all the people involved.


katja schia 150x187

Katja Henriksen Schia (NO)


My name is Katja Schia. I am from Norway, trained at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, BA in modern and contemporary dance. I think this week is a great opportunity to search and explore the connection between dance and music.

andrius katinas 150x187 Andrius Katinas (LV/FI)  

Andrius is a Lithuanian dance artist. He received his BA of theatre arts at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and MA in Dance Arts at Theatre Academy of Finland. As dancer and choreographer he has intensively worked both in Finland and Lithuania.

The only reason which motivates Andrius to participate in Choreosound 09 is curiosity.


arikauppila150x187 Ari Kauppila (FI)


Ari started training dance in 1987 and began professional studies in 1998 at the Theatre Academy of Finland, from where he has a BA degree in dance but still is trying to get the MA degree in choreography. He married in February 2009 and is still married, doesn’t have any children of his own (that he knows of) and he is keeping his hair very short.


Ari is, since 1998, especially interested in the collaboration between dancers and musicians. As a choreographer and director he has always been more interested in working with composers and live music than with recorded music. These ideas were strongly present when founding his Indictus Company in 1998. 


He has made several collaborative stage works with different composers and has performed as a dancer, actor and musician. In addition to a great interest in contemporary dance and theatre, Ari has done a lot of work with rhythm and floor percussion (tap dance) as a performer, teacher and a choreographer. He is always extremely interested in sharing ideas and making new contacts but especially in a workshop around this theme.


—I am sorry about the picture. The photographer had some troubles to fit me in. But I guess you’ll see the rest of me at the workshop anyway.

asgeir helgi magnusson 150x187

Ásgeir Helgi Magnùsson (IS/NL)

Ásgeir is a 27 year old contemporary dancer from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. He is currently living in Amsterdam and working as a freelance dancer. Ásgeir did his dance training at Balettakademien in Stockholm and at Iceland‘s Academy of the Arts.


What he hopes to gain from this experience is the chance to experiment, to take part in this interesting dialogue and to be exposed to new practices and new ideas of working.Another thing that intrigues him is the pan Nordic aspect of this meeting. What a great chance to meet dancers, musicians, choreographers, composers and other artists from all the other Nordic countries.


—Spending a week with all you people can offer so many amazing conversations, new friendships, sharing of knowledge and networking.

alice martucci 150x187 Alice Martucci (DK)

Alice moved from Italy to Denmark in 1980 to attempt the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance. She has worked as a dancer for choreographers like Klara Elenius, Søren Sundby, Gabriella Grundemar and Pernille Garde.


Alice finds it important to challenge herself and to confront new techniques and teachers. She has participated in Impuls Tanz in Vienna and Spacing Out in Vilnius in 2006. Here Alice met Marika Hedemyr and they started talking about the relationship between dance and music. Together they went to London to study with the composer Matteo Fargion. This made a deep impact on how she regards her work and listens to music.


Currently Alice is working with her own dance/performance project in Copenhagen wich will involve a coallabortaion with artists from other expressive artforms like installation, scenography and music.

It is a fantastic opportunity of enrichment and inspiration to participate in Choreosound 09, to be part of a unique process of dicussion and research on a matter that is of current interest and appeals to my personal reflections on dance right now.


sara ruddick 150x187

Sara Ruddock (SE)


Sara has been working as a freelance dancer and teacher since 2002, when she graduated from the University College of Dance, Stockholm.


As a dancer she has worked for several years with choreographer Lena Josefsson and Kompani Raande-Vo, performing and touring in Sweden, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Germany.

Other choreographers that she has worked with are Margaretha Åsberg, Claire Parsons, Satoshi Kudo, Marie Fahlin/Ulrika Wedin, Jukka Korpi and Lotta Gahrton.


Sara is currently teaching at the University College of Dance in Stockholm (contemporary dance) where she is active within the nordic network EMD (Explorations in Music and Dance). She is also dancing/choreographing in different performance projects, one being a solo adaptation from the Solo Performance Commissioning Project with choreographer Deborah Hay (USA).


—I find the interaction of sound and movement very exciting, and therefore also the idea of Choreosound. I'm looking forward to a great week of sharing and exploring together.

gilda stillbäck 150x187

Gilda Stillbäck (SE)


Gilda is trained at the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg and at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm in contemporary dance. As a freelance dancer since 2001 she has been working worldwide with contemporary dance and Argentinian tango. Her special interest and focus on Argentinian tango has led to several collaborations in the meeting between dance as a performing art and dance as a social way of meeting.


Both as a dancer and a choreographer she always rather collaborates with a composer and musicians when working with a performance, than using already existing music. Every experience that I've had has been very different from the other. Choreosound 09 is giving me a unique possibility to get togehther and explore this meeting further in a group of interesting people with various backgrounds. I'm expecting an intense and colorful week!



Esther Wrobel (DK/IL)


Esther is trained in Israel. She has been working as dancer and aerialist in Israel and Europe since 2002. She has a background in acrobatics and is a certified instructor of gymnastics and self defense and she regularly leads open physical trainings in Copenhagen. Esther has among others worked with Ariadone Dance Company in France, Tanz Atelier Wien in Austria, Caravan Stage in Holland/Canada, EKKO, Ari Rosenzweig, Helle Fuglsang, Boaz Barkan, Sara Gebran and Kitt Johnson in Denmark. She has created 3 solo works.





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