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Charo Calvo

Charo Calvo (ES/BE)

Friday 25 September


Master Class: Sound, kinetic energy and dramaturgy
Charo Calvo will present how she works with sound and music in relation to dance. Her specific interest and methods are concerned with: The role of the sound in the dramaturgy of dance and video dance. Manipulation of natural sounds. Internal movement of sound and its spatial screening. Kinetic energy of sounds/body kinetic energy. Sound images, mental images induced by a particular sound and its effect over the stage actions. She will also share her experience of collaborating with choreographer Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez). The master class will give us perspectives and input to the working session in the afternoon.


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Cecilia Roos

Cecilia Roos (SE)

Saturday 26 September


Master class: Interpretation as a tool or a method??

How do we conceptualize music and dance in terms of interpretation? How can we be inspired by each other's way of thinking and express ourselves? How can we personally develop our method of interpretation? Cecilia Roos will give us an overview of the understanding of interpretation, how it has changed over the years, how it might differ between dance and music, and where we are today. She will provide us with inputs for discussions and self reflection. Her master class includes seminar, discussions and inputs to take with us in our working sessions and personal work.


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Nigel Charnock   

Nigel Charnock (UK)

Tuesday 29 September


Morning Dance Class
Nigel Charnock will start the day with giving us a physical dance class, based on his combination of using release technique, action-based partner work, games and energetic physicality. Everyone is welcome to part take, either on the floor or watching.


Master Class: Popular music as part of the scenic representation
In his master class Nigel Charnock will present how he works with mixing the means of music, drama, physical theatre and choreography. He will share with us his choice of using music from CD:s , his process of finding the appropriate sound/track/composition, and what aspects and layers he is looking for. What does opular music and recorded tracks bring to a performance? How can it be used for both form and content? In his own solos Nigel Charnock is primarily working with improvisation. This master class will however focus on the processes and methods he uses when creating commissioned work for dance companies, for which he primarily creates set material. The master class will give us perspectives and input to the working session during the afternoon.


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 Sven-David Sandström  




Sven-David Sandström (SE)

Wednesday 30 September


Masterclass: Orchestral work for dance and how to share an artistic landscape
Sven-David Sandström emphasizes the important relationship between the composer and the musicians, as well as drawing upon personal experiences when composing. He will share with us how he thinks as a composer, how he has collaborated with choreographers (especially Per Jonsson) and how he relates the music to dance and the stage performance. He will also share with us his process, and perspectives of composing notated scores for orchestras.



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