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camilla barrat due 150x187

Camilla Barratt-Due (NO) 


Camilla is from Oslo and is currently based in Copenhagen/ Berlin.

Having just finnished her training at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen, with the accordeon as her instrument she is now working as a freelance musician. She performes in a variety of different constellations. Camilla wants to be part of the choreosound workshop because projects including contemporary dance has become an important part of what she does and of what she would like to perceive a further understanding.  

joel brindefalk 150x187

Joel Brindefalk (SE) 


Joel has been a Swedish composer and artist since the early 90´s. He is currently based in Gothenburg where he recently has been studying composition (specially designed program) at the Academy of Music and Drama at the Gothenburg University. Joel graduated (BA) earlier this year. He is starting his MA in fine arts this fall at the Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg.


Joels studies are focused on digital art and media, with a special interest in interactivity tools. He is artistically rooted in the Swedish electro acoustic music scene as well as in the early electronic scene. He has been involved in projects spanning a wide spectra from sound art and electronica to free improvisation. Today he is mainly working within the field of generative music, sound art installations and sound design. Joel has a big interest in composing for dance performances.


His improvisational live solo performances are within various synthesis software environments where he investigates the sonic realms that sound synthesis and realtime spectral modification of randomly generated sound present.

He wants his music to convey the characteristics of an artistical form where a striking lack of structured content sets the standard.

Joel describes his music as a non-figurative, non-narrative, flow of organic sound mirroring the vivid randomness of life, death and nature itself.


—I am happy to participate in Choreosound, see you all there!


yann coppier 150x187

Yann Coppier (DK/FR)


Yann is half-Danish and half-French, based in Denmark since 3 years. He’s been working as a composer for 10 years within the film, theater and dance industry, and has played a little everywhere in Europe with his live projects, from –i snor (abstract electronic music based on feelings and emotions) to Pollen (spontaneous composition with guitar and piano) or WHOURKR (death/electronica/breakcore).


He is allways looking for surprises, extremes and new ways of composing. He plays the guitar, sings and uses lots of machines. Yann is also a teacher and master of conférences (IRCAM, Cité des Sciences, Ecole ATLA, Paris) in the sound domain, a journalist and a sound engineer/music producer.


—I am very much eager to discover other people’s ways of working,

especially within the dance field. See you soooooon!






birkir gislason 150x187

Birkir Gislason (IS)


Birkir is from Iceland. He graduated with honours in spring 2006 as a guitarist and music teacher from FIH Music School in Reykjavik.  Birkir has worked with Iceland’s finest musicians, both in the field of Rock and Jazz Music.

In 2005 he was one of the composers for the soundtrack of the Estonian dance short film Another. It won Grand Prize 2006 Cinessone European Film Festival, France and Best Dancefilm 2005 Arte Television.

Birkir released his first soloalbum called Single Drop, in May 2007 receiving rave reviews.
In July 2007 Birkir moved to London. Since arriving in the UK Birkir has performed at BBC Broadcasting House and BBC Television Centre. Also played on Glastonbury Festival 2008. Birkir worked as a session guitarist for Universal Music in London played one album with artist Nina Wall.

In September 2008 Birkir was in San Francisco California to record the album Human Oddities with Ingi, Birkir played the guitar and co wrote the album. They worked with producer Scott Mathews in his studio Tiki Town. Scott Mathews has worked with a lot of well known rock and pop acts like David Bowie, Brian Wilson, Neil Young etc
The Album Human Oddities was released in Iceland in November 2008. 


—I really like this Idea to have artists from different countries  come together and combine music and dance. Put everybody out of there comfort zone and let them experience new things with people you’ve just met. That’s what makes it very exciting.


antti leinonen 150x187

Antti Leinonen (FI)


Antti is a Finnish accordionist and freelance musician. Contemporary music has always been the focus of his career. He has principally worked with musicians but he has also experience from working with dancers, actors and circus performers. He has also performed together with spoken word.


Antti wants to participate in Choreosound 09 in order to get more experience of working with dancers. During the week in Gothenburg I’m expecting to meet new people and get fresh ideas for collaborations between dance and music.

benjamin quigley 150x187

Benjamin Quigley (SE)


Benjamin lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His main instrument is the double bass. He is formally trained in several music schools of varying quality. Nowadays he finds himself performing many kinds of music on various instruments all over the world, occasionally with dance/theatre/performance but often on tour with his band DELTAHEAD - one foot on the ground, the other is kicking your ass but his head is in the cosmos.


The voices in his head made him want to participate in Choreosound 09. His expectations: To deeply examine the relation sound/movement with open minded, creative and curious people - our ears are in excellent condition.

gunhild seim 150x187

Gunhild Seim (NO)


Gunhild is a trumpet player who works within jazz, folk and contemporary music. One of my projects is, which tours regularly in Norway and has released 2 albums in the free jazz/acoustic chamber jazz genre.


She is also a member of the improv collective In these two projects she also often works as a composer. Her motivation for coming to Choreosound 09 is to seek inspiration and new contacts, because Gunhild would like to work more with dancers.


ellen sjö sander 150x187

Ellen Sjö Sander (SE)


Ellen is a percussionist living in Göteborg. She is currently studying at the master program at the Academy of Music and Drama. Ellen is mostly playing the marimba and new music. She participated as a musician in the UNM festival 2009.


kiriakos spyrou 150x187

Kiriakos Spyrou (GR)


Kiriakos is from Limassol, Cyprus, and he has studied music in Athens, Greece (BA in Musicology at the University of Athens, piano, counterpoint, fugue). Since January he is studying Composition.

His love for performing and collaborating with other artists, along with an acute curiosity about what the future holds for artists, made him apply for this workshop.


—I can’t wait for us to explore issues like performance, creative processes and the connections between contemporary dance and music.


barney strachan 150x187

Barney Strachan (UK)


Barney is a musician and producer of a broad range of styles of music including folk, afrobeat, ska and Hip Hop but also composes using environmental sound and spoken word.


Since gaining a degree in Sonic Art in 2005 he has been commissioned by Fife, Edinburgh and Dundee Councils, the RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage and arts groups for community-based sound installations, environmental and social projects and also sound workshops with children and young adults.

He is currently resident musician at Dance Base – Scotland’s National Centre for Dance.


Although he is an experienced musician, in the context of dance he is interested in exploring as much as possible in order to educate himself and enhance his practices and understanding of it as a creative and expressive medium.

—I know that the experiences gained at an event such as Choreosound 09 will have a direct influence on my practices.

Link to his website:


A snippet of improv with dancer Sabine Klaus:






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