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Here you will find pictures banners and press releases as they are issued. Please come back and look for news.


For additional information please contact:

Jan Schmidt, ass. Project manager web and press

+ 46 (0)703 - 55 09 88


Press Releases

Press Realease from 22 June 2009 (swedish)

Press release from 2 September (swedish)

Press release from 2 September (english)



Fri publicering med angivande av fotograf Malin Arnesson och endast i artikel/recension i samband med Choreosound 09.


Free to publish if crediting the photographer Malin Arnesson and only in connection with writing about Choreosound 09.


tn2902 Choreosound 2902

In the picture: Peter Svenzon, Sara Ruddock, Anders Rimpi, Kiriakos Spyro och Gunhild Seim.


Photographer: Malin Arnesson


Choresound 2955

In the picture; Artistic Director Marika Hedemyr.


Photographer: Malin Arnesson


Choreosound 3128

In the picture: In the picture: Ari Kauppila, Andrius Katinas och Ellen Sjö Sander.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson


Choreosund 3181

In the picture: Playing the accordion Camilla Barrat-Due.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson

tn3309 Choreosound 3309

In the picture: On the floor: Katja Schia, Esther Wrobel and Yong Nan Park. At the mirror Bronja Novak.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson

tn3330 Choreosound 3330

In the picture: participants of Choreosund 09.


Photographer: Malin Arnesson


tn3971 Choreosound 3971

In the picture: Anders Rimpi and Kiriakos Spyro.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson

tn4026 Choreosund 4026

In the picture: Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon and Marika Hedemyr.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson

tn4101 Choreosound 4101

In the picture: Andrius Katinas.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson

tn4175 Choreosound 4175

In the picture: Benjamin Quigley and Ari Kauppila.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson


tn4205 Choreosound 4205

In the picture: Ari Kauppila and Benjamin Quigley.

Photographer: Malin Arnesson


tn4323 Choreosound 4323

In the picture: Birkir Gislason and Gilda Stillbäck.


Photographer: Malin Arnesson


Chreosound 4382

In the picture: Benjamin Quigley, Andrius Katinas and Sara Ruddock.


Photographer: Malin Arnesson



Below are portraits of Choreosound 09's artistic director Marika Hedemyr. When publishing please credit photographer Anna von Brömssen.


marika hedemyr portratt_tn

Portrait 300 dpi
  marikahedemyr_blundar_tn  Standing portrait 1


 Standing portrait 2



Please feel free to use our beautiful banners by graphic designer Ola Ingvarsson if you want to link to our page. When publishing please credit: Graphic design by Ola Ingvarsson.


Thank you!



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Print version 300 dpi Choreosound figure







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