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Reading List: Dance and music - on composition, collaborations, and interactions.


We will gradually fill this reading list with references to interesting texts and books.

If you want to contribute with tips of texts or books, please let us know! Send it to


Au, Susan (2002/1988) Ballet & modern dance

London: Thames and Hudson. General dance history


Blom & Chaplin (1989) The Intimate Act of Choreography

London: Dance Books Tools and methods for choreographing/composing dance


Cage, John (1968/1978) Silence – Lectures and Writings London: Marion Boyars A collection of essays and lectures on music and composition


Feldman, Morton (2000) Give my Regards to Eighth Street Collected writings of Morton Feldman. Edited by BH Friedman. Cambridge: Exact Change


Humphrey, Doris (1997/1958) The Art of Making Dances London: Dance Books Choreographer Humphrey’s perspectives

and tools for choreographing


The whole list is available as PDF here


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