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Theme and Core Issues Choreosound 09


The starting point for Choreosound 09 were my thoughts about a number of issues regarding the relationship between contemporary dance and music, and the collaboration between choreographers and composers:

*Which relation does dance and music have towards each other in a performance?


*Which working methods and collaboration processes are used when a choreographer and composer collaborate? Can we name them and describe them?

*Are there certain elements in music that choreographers and dancers choose to work with? Likewise, are there certain elements in dance that composer and musicians choose to work with?

*It seems to be a general opinion among composers, that there are less collaborations music – dance today, compared with 10 – 15 years ago. What are the reasons?

*What happens in the collaborations of contemporary dance and contemporary music today? Are there any trends?


I wanted to invite colleagues to discuss, develop and work with these issues. Therefore I have initiated Choresound 09, a forum and artistic lab that focuses on the process of composing contemporary dance and music. It is a week designed to explore and develop the collaboration between choreographers and composers/music and dance, and to expand the knowledge and experience on related issues.



Marika Hedemyr, Artistic Director Choreosound 09




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