Helena Jonsdottir (IS)

Helena studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland, with additional studies at Alvin Ailey, New York.

Kirstine Kyhl Andersen (DK)

Kirstine finished her studies with a BA in choreography and new dance at SNDO (School For New Dance Development) in Amsterdam, 2004.

Bronja Novak (SE)

Bronja studied at London Contemporary Dance School 1988-91. 1991-92 she studied at Performance Training Intensive in Vancouver for a year.

Stephanie Schober (DE)

Stephanie studied Medicine at the Humboldt University in Berlin and Dance Theatre at Laban. In 2002 she formed Stephanie Schober & Dance Company.

Peter Svenzon (SE)

Peter is educated at Balettakademien in Gothenburg and has since 1987 worked internationally as a dancer/choreographer with MBT Dansteater/Marie Brolin-Tani, as a danc


Niels Bjerg (DK)

Niels is educated as a jazz guitarist with a bachelor from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2002) and a master from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2004).

Amanda Cole (AU)

Amanda is a Sydney, Australia, based composer and sound designer, who writes micro tonal instrumental and electronic music.

Yong Nan Park (KOR)

Yong Nan Park Entered the Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea and then transferred to the University of Maryland at College Park in the United States.

Anders Rimpi (SE)

My works for dance are often based on conrete sounds. I also work with acoustic instruments. Both recordings and sheet music.

Daniel Skoglund (SE)

Daniel is a Swedish sound artist working in the field of electronic arts. His activities include composition, installation art and performance – often in a musical context.


Lisa Fahlén (SE)

Lisa finished her dance training at School of New Dance in Oslo in spring 2008.

Karin Hedin (SE)

Karin is trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and has since 2001 worked mainly with some of Sweden's main dance companies as well as a freelance dancer in Sweden and abroad.

Katja Henriksen Schia (NO)

My name is Katja Schia. I am from Norway, trained at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, BA in modern and contemporary dance.

Andrius Katinas (LV/FI)

Andrius is a Lithuanian dance artist. He received his BA of theatre arts at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and MA in Dance Arts at Theatre Academy of Finland.

Ari Kauppila (FI)

Ari started training dance in 1987 and began professional studies in 1998 at the Theatre Academy of Finland, from where he has a BA degree in dance but still is t

Ásgeir Helgi Magnùsson (IS/NL)

Ásgeir is a 27 year old contemporary dancer from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. He is currently living in Amsterdam and working as a freelance dancer.

Alice Martucci (DK)

Alice moved from Italy to Denmark in 1980 to attempt the Danish National School of Contemporary Dance.

Sara Ruddock (SE)

Sara has been working as a freelance dancer and teacher since 2002, when she graduated from the University College of Dance, Stockholm.

Gilda Stillbäck (SE)

Gilda is trained at the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg and at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm in contemporary dance.

Esther Wrobel (DK/IL)

Esther is trained in Israel. She has been working as dancer and aerialist in Israel and Europe since 2002.


Camilla Barratt-Due (NO)

Camilla is from Oslo and is currently based in Copenhagen/ Berlin.

Joel Brindefalk (SE)

Joel has been a Swedish composer and artist since the early 90´s.

Yann Coppier (DK/FR)

Yann is half-Danish and half-French, based in Denmark since 3 years.

Birkir Gislason (IS)

Birkir is from Iceland.

Antti Leinonen (FI)

Antti is a Finnish accordionist and freelance musician. Contemporary music has always been the focus of his career.

Benjamin Quigley (SE)

Benjamin lives in Stockholm, Sweden. His main instrument is the double bass. He is formally trained in several music schools of varying quality.

Gunhild Seim (NO)

Gunhild is a trumpet player who works within jazz, folk and contemporary music.

Ellen Sjö Sander (SE)

Ellen is a percussionist living in Göteborg. She is currently studying at the master program at the Academy of Music and Drama. Ellen is mostly playing the marimba and new music.

Kiriakos Spyrou (GR)

Kiriakos is from Limassol, Cyprus, and he has studied music in Athens, Greece (BA in Musicology at the University of Athens, piano, counterpoint, fugue).

Barney Strachan (UK)

Barney is a musician and producer of a broad range of styles of music including folk, afrobeat, ska and Hip Hop but also composes using environmental sound and spoken word.