Yong Nan Park (KOR)

Yong Nan Park Entered the Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea and then transferred to the University of Maryland at College Park in the United States. She earned Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor of Musical Arts degree from University of Maryland. Her works were performed in the Seoul International Music Festival, the Nagano Music Festivals in Japan, the World Cello Congress in the US, the International Woman's Music Festival in Italy, the Edinburgh International Music Festival in Scotland, Salamanca Contemporary Music Festival in Spain and the Asian Composer's League Music Festival in Indonesia and New Zealand.

She was the winner of the "2001 ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) Composer's Competition", "2004 Korea Piano Duo Composer's Competition". and awarded from the "2002 ISCM World Music Days in Hong Kong." Her works have been commissioned and premiered by world's renowned contemporary music ensembles, such as Stella Nova Ensemble of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Nieuw Ensemble, Kammarensemblen. Her musical goal is mainly to produce harmony of natural sounds of instruments, and create a unique musical world throughout multi cultural elements.

Not only does she writes for contemporary music, but she also composes other genres, such as dance music, film music and music with mime, to communicate with the general public. She also collaborates with other artists to discover new ways of expressing arts. Her dance music “Mind Game I” for Sound Motion Woom was awarded international Jury Prize in 2005 Yokohama Dance Collection, and her film music “Gee Dam” was nominated in 2008 Korea Film Awards.

Currently, Yong Nan Park is a guest professor in composition department at Kyung Hee University and an adjunct professor at Sangmyung University in Seoul Korea.

She is also a resident composer of the Beehouse Cello Ensemble, the Academy Percussion Ensemble and Dance Theater CcadoO, and a music director in multi-media group Sound Motion Woom.